Friday, September 13, 2013

Proud of myself

Okay, I got a medium flat rate box crammed full of football cards yesterday about 3000 I guess, and I can proudly say they are all sorted, listed (in my org), and put away. I am proud of myself! 

Now, if I can just get the last box that came in put away, I'd be in good shape. You all know what I am talking about: cards all over the place, piles stacked high, boxes crammed full of unsorted cards.

I had promised myself to get it done by this weekend as I am expecting a rather large haul of basketball. Shipping was $60 on that lot, glad I didn't have to pay it, whew! I actually paid $18.50 on Ebay with free shipping. I want to be able to go through those cards when they come in. I am hoping to FIND something good in the box, and if so I'd like to help the fellow out with some of the shipping. I don't actually collect basketball, just couldn't pass on the deal. So I hope there is some that I will be able to trade away. Always looking for my Elway, and the T206, and my Vintage Wacky's haven't been hit in awhile in case you're a Basketball collector.

I'm going to have to buy some more boxes too, I've used up my empties, oh no. I've no where to store those incoming cards. I've one slot left in A 3200 ct box, which I am filling with the cards from the previous haul. Pretty good mix too from the half that wasn't ****.  Nice cards, so I went for another box from the guy and got them in sorted them and no pro set  yippie!!! No score either, yippie !!! LOL. Did get about 1000 collectors choice (out of 3000), but the stars were there so I 'm okay with that. The rest were Upper DEck, Topps, and some nice Pacific, and there was teh one set set of Summitt too. All and all another good week, so proud of myself.

I did also let go of the other Mantle (56) I mentioned before, didn't quite bother so much as letting the 52 go. That one still smarts abit.

Back to the cards I go, HI HO HI HO.

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