Monday, September 9, 2013

The Final Count

Okay, heres the breakdown on that vintage baseball that came in the other day.

135 cards from the 50's most are VG, 110 from the 60's including stars like Bench, Morgan, Drysdale, Robinson, Catfish, Neikro, Banks, Killebrew, and the list goes on..............................
and I was wrong, there were only 13 70's cards (4 1972 Killebrew, Robinson, Bench, and The WS champs Pirates team card---- and 9 from 1970 all EX-NM). There were also 35 Elway inserts that came with that package, of which I sadly only needed 1, but the rest are great bait!

Not a bad lot at all, but know this: I gave up a 52 Bowman Mantle for them. It wasn't a perfect card, a little paper loss on the back, and a minor crease in the middle, but Hey it was the MICK, and a 52 to boot. I'm a little down about that, not too much as I have 7 more Mantles, hehehhehehe..Albeit, one of them (1956) will soon be gone as well for another awesome trade for 4 highend Elway cards that I need.

Still sorting the near 4,000 football cards, and I need to hurry, as I have another 2500 football cards on the way, and 5,000 basketball. But so far a handful of Favre, a couple of Adrian Peterson, a lot of Bledsoe, Culpepper, and the like. Tons of inserts no high end though. Slowly but surely we will get them sorted. 

Back to the cardboard!!!!


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