Friday, October 4, 2013

A slow but very good week

This week didn't bring many packages to my doorstep, but all and all I can not complain.

I added another 1986 Dairy Pak cut out to my Elway collection, that's 2 now the dark blue and now a red one, several more colors to go (the rainbow chase started along time go, lol). These cards came from the 1/2 gallon milk cartons, and the colors varied by locale.

Speaking of rainbow, the next card reminds of just that: 1995 Zenith Z-team Elway that I've wanted for along time. Beautiful card. I really need to figure out how to add pictures to this blog, maybe I should ask JediJeff for little help. Normally I have no problem adding pictures to things, put this post only seems to want to upload from either my phone or g-mail, again I will eventually get that figured out.

I was very surprised even though I knew I traded for this next card, a 2008 Elway of course, Donruss Classics Platinum Timeless Treasures serial # to just 25 (23/25). In a way its ugly, but I like it not because of the low serial number, but because the photo on front and back is black & white, gives this otherwise bad design card some character. Again, I wish I could post a pic. Jeff, help!

The last Elway this week is a special one, again a very low serial numbered card in fact another 7/10 card Elways' jersey number, sweet. 2012 Panini National Treasures Century Legends, awesome card!!! It too has a black & white photo on front, but the card is just nice, simple but awesome at the same time. Great job with this design.

The highlight came from the last two packages (1 package, 1 envelope) that I got yesterday, one of which I had no idea was coming, love those! 4 cards for my Gators in the NFL collection, yippee. They were vintage too! (3 1974 Topps including a John James Atlanta Falcon,  and 1 card from 1979). Lit my day up, and it just got better with the last package 17 of the Topps 1st year cards for my Atlanta Braves collection. I knew these were coming, but man it was fun to go through those vintage cards and put them into their reserved spot in the binder. 3 from 1966 Woodward, O'Dell, and team card, 3 from 1967 Jarvis, Nicholson, and Schwall, 5 from 1968 Johnson, T. Aaron, Boyer, Francona, and team card, 6 from 1969 Causey, Pappas, Britton, Reed, Garrido/House, and Didier/Hrniak/Neibauer. Not to mention the Timeless Treasures Elway was in this package along with another Elway I didn't talk about.

Now I had earlier in the week got a package of 17 different covering 12 years, Dale Earnhardt Jr cards, all very cool. Now I am not into racing, and these cards were just to make a trade happen (along with with 14 Braves from the 80's) to a trader who wanted two very short printed Don Mattingly cards for his super collection. I compromised to get it done, and I am glad I did! You see, I have a "niece" that absolutely has a crush on Jr, and I am going to look like a hero when I give her those cards in 2 weeks. I now owe that trader a bump.

Slow month starting out, but already very happy. Let's trade!

Most of my cards available for trade are listed on Beckett ( ID jfmjr1966), many are listed on my site, and thousands more sitting in boxes, and in piles. LOL. If you want to trade just send me an e-mail.

Most of my basketball is not listed yet, but there are a couple thousand there including 18 Michael Jordans (remember the huge package I got in last month) Yeah I'm smiling..

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