Monday, September 16, 2013


Today is my birthday and I have decided to gift my self 2 new collections, or least to start them. 

#1) To obtain 2 cards of each Atlanta Braves player in their first season with Atlanta, rookies and veterans alike, doesn't matter. Prefer them to base Topps cards. Going back to the 1966 season. This will be a task just to pull out the ones I already have, considering I just broke up my player collections and put them back into sets. I have most or at least half of the cards I'm sure, but not doubles as I would like to put a set together for my brother in Atlanta too. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

#2) To obtain 1 card of every former Florida Gator in their first NFL/professional football team uniform, again prefer to be base Topps for the modern day cards, but not set in stone and the vintage well, you know not really possible. Now, this collection, is multi-phased as I will take any former Gator that I don't have regardless of whether it is a rookie. I can swap them out for an earlier card as I get them. This collection goes way back. The earliest I am aware of would be a handful of players (4-5) debuting in 1930 that went to UF. 

That's my present to myself. #1 I hope to have completed long before Christmas, and #2 should last the rest of my life like the T-206 and Elway collections. 

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