Monday, October 8, 2018

When ten is five

The Braves won last night, yippee. I hope they do it again this afternoon.

So when does 10=5? I know there are several teachers out there, some even on the subject of Mathematics.  Give up?

I'll tell you then. When you're pulling cards out of a dime box (rather a 10 for a dollar box or 100 for $7.00), and you pull 200 and they let you have them for $10.00.  A nickel a piece.

There must have 400 different of those 2009 black border cards. I pulled nearly all of the Braves too, but I'm not showing the dime box Braves.

Lots of great cardboard for a nickel each.

All from those years that I need the most from too.

So, that's how 10=5. I like that math.


  1. this is the kind of arithmetic I'm good with. nice!

  2. Nickel cards are twice as cool as dime cards.

  3. I may have gotten all those black border cards if I was there!

  4. I'd love to see Bazooka make a comeback.