Saturday, October 13, 2018

These cards are for the birds!

The last item I picked up from the 12 for $10.00 table was a slew of uncut/perforated Baltimore Orioles. The sheets were 12 card (standard size) a piece and appears to have them all except for 3 cards (from one of the panels). I folded them in half for better scanning but they are still intact as 12 card panels.

1st panel.

2nd panel.

This is th epanel that was missing the 3 cards on the left.

3rd panel.

4th panel.

5th panel.

6th panel.

7th panel.

8th panel.

9th panel.

10th panel.

11th panel.

BTW.....the scans are not in order.  Now I think CommishBob is a bird fan, and if so if you need these I'll send them your way. if you don't need them, there are several PC guys in there I can pull out and throw the rest in the trade boxes.

Be safe this weekend and have a great night.


  1. Very cool oddballs. Love seeing Reggie as an Oriole.

  2. I will be posting an interview with Hank Foiles tomorrow. He sued the manufacturer of this set. If CommishBob doesn't want them I'd like to trade for the Foiles. I just got a bunch of 60s/70s cards for you, was going to contact you anyway re another trade.

  3. John... Thanks for thinking of me. Crown Oil set is neat. I have one's fun for this old Os guy to be reminded of some of those old time, short time Orioles.

  4. There's an Oriole Reggie Jackson I've never seen before -- I'll have to add it to the ol' want list.

  5. I've got some other loose panels of these if anyone wants. They originally appeared as four sealed sets given away at the ballpark. I think I have all the single cards that I need out of them too. But will trade for anything else.

  6. and I read your response as "Nick could use a wedgie'.