Sunday, October 7, 2018

4 for a buck

I made my way over to the Jacksonville card show yesterday. I knew before I left that this would be my last trip over. Time to find a new watering hole.

I made 3 purchases yesterday. That's it.... no going out with a bang. At last no by the standards I had
been dropping at this show.  The first buy came from this box.

Yes, the corner is that bad. But hey Carew for .25.

Walter was pretty beat up too....

Yaz was not. No idea why this one or the next one was in this box.

I had one in the Cup binder, and one for the set build, this one goes into the PC. 

I only picked the four cards (I don't like this particular vendor). This was his first time at this show, but I knew him from a show in Ocala (back home). So, I dropped a buck.

The other two purchases were from a dime box dig and the other was from my favorite vendor. More on those later.

Have a great night.


  1. Milhouse is jealous of your Yaz with the big sideburns!

  2. A dollar would've been a great price just for the Fisk or Yaz alone.

  3. Wow. Hard to get more value out of a dollar than that purchase. Congratulations.