Thursday, October 25, 2018

Armada this.

Monday brought in a package from Julie, yeah you know the gal. Eats hotdogs and carries a cracked bat around. Julie always sends great packages.

I hope this works. this is not only the first time I've attempted to put a video clip in this blog, but this is also my very first real bobble head. Go ahead watch Chipper say yes.

Julie also sent along a lot of Braves. Braves that I needed.

From Donruss Collections to Fractal Matrix, sweet adds. Old and new. Yeah these were good to my collection.

Gary Matthews way back when, used to be the next door neighbor to an Aunt & Uncle of mine. They said he was a great guy, super nice, and get this..... he mowed his own grass with a push mower. (And it was a big yard). I sure wished my parents would have visited them.

Little cards too.

Julie every card shown here hit my want list, thanks so much for (as always) a great package.


  1. Chipper is a great way to kick off your bobblehead collection.

    P.S. Big fan of hot dogs and cracked bats.

  2. wow John! Dang!!! That's amazing you needed so many of these. You have been so generous to me. It's taken some time to accumulate cards for you. Now I must start all over. ;) I also can't believe you didn't have a Braves bobble. I picked Chipper up a couple years ago. Although he didn't fit into my collection, I hoped to find him a home elsewhere. Thanks for taking him in and thank YOU for your many generosities. Oh and one more My gosh, how you blessed me. I'll be sorting all winter!

  3. Geez, this was like the equivalent of a haul that one might acquire from a really good show!