Monday, February 13, 2017

The newest Old Braves and then some

Added some vintage Braves recently.

These fit nicely with the Aaron rookie I got last month.

Gene Conley, the only Brave to have played or at least have a baseball card from all 3 braves teams. Boston, Milwaukee, and Atlanta.

All pulled from a bargain box.

I didn't need the 3 Aaron's at the top, but I figured they would be good upgrades, and they were.

I picked up this set of SP Legendary Cuts off of Ebay. In fact I grabbed the 01 and 07 sets, but the 07 didn't come with the SPs.

The first page should be more than suffiecient as it has me Bravos on it.

I was able to pick these 13 vintage Planet of the Apes up for $3.00, super deal. This vendor had a lot of great deals.

My first and only Desert Sheild card.

What is so special about these three cards?

O-Pee-Chee, that's what.  This dealer had a ton of deals, and in a couple of days I will show you the dime box pulls. Maybe tomorrow, not sure yet.

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  1. Nice pair of 56's. Those 54's and Planet of the Apes cards are pretty sweet too.