Saturday, February 18, 2017

Shadow Shots

Just a few, it's getting late. Well, I did get up very very early this morning so truly I am just tired. also noting these are the last that I had scanned from a couple of years ago. So, hopefully I can remember to bring the stack I have back home to scan up.

An extremely skinny high heel.

I clearly see a mouse head. Or is that a rat?

A bear standing upright with a boner.

 An old timey leather football helmet with the leather chin strap.

a gas nozzle.

someone surfing.

No clue, and that's the last card in the scan.


  1. your heel = my t-rex turning around
    your bear boner = my godzilla boner
    your gas nozzle = my yard blower
    your someone surfing = awesome! my favorite shadow of the post.

  2. Can't believe Donruss's Quality department would let such an obvious picture of a boner onto one of their cards! How Lewd!