Friday, February 10, 2017

For Night Owl's perusal

I figured I would just make a post of some Dodgers I picked up last weekend. I'm trying to work a trade with Greg for that Smoltzy auto. Here are the cards.

Greg I hope you can find something or a combination of things to close the deal. LMK.  :)


This card is creased vertically through the middle. But still very nice card. I was hesitant as not only do I need it for my set build he is also a PC guy. No I didn't pay $80.00 that I think was the book value for NM.

Another card I was hesitant about, PC guy.


Just an old Dodger.

A bunch of inserts and parallels including some 2017s'. Yeah, I got lazy and didn't crop these.

Shoot me an email Greg.


  1. Email will be coming in the wee hours tonight or tomorrow. Gotta wrap my head around this!

  2. Just a friendly reminder Night Owl isn't the only Dodger fan in the blogosphere :)