Sunday, February 12, 2017

A mini Zapping, a Cynical monster box, and some customs.

I just got back to GA, and the last time I had gone home I had gotten some trade packages in and needed to scan them. I have now done so and should be able to catch up on the incoming cards. Which is a good thing because I picked up some cards myself.

Black Asia, always good. Sega Card-Gen always good too.

And three more Braves from Kenny too.  Thanks Kenny!

I picked up my first of the year T206 card for 2017.

Next visit home I will be cutting this one out of it's prison.  Thanks to me, now to get on with cards from others.

Awhile back I UNLOADED on Mark from Cynical Buddah (The Yount Collector) which ever blog you read.  Mark fired back with a monster flat rate box full of my set builds needs 99% Topps 2007-2016. But Mark put in some Braves......

All needed.

Lots of relics and a couple of autos!

Thanks Mark.

This trip to GA. I brought my scanner with me. Will come in handy in the future. Meanwhile before I unplugged it I scanned a package that was waiting on me in Ocala last week.

As you can tell this came from Gavin over at Baseball Card Breakdown. It did come with 7 other cards although one wasn't a custom.

I have to give Mark Hoyle credit for this one as he is the one who suggested I add Al Kaline to that Binder a couple of years ago.  Mark it's official!

2 n 1.

Another 2fer.

As some of you may have already figured it out, but these customs were requested for my Names Binder. Gavin did an AMAZING job, and I am ecstatic over these. So looking forward to the next batch. Can't wait to get that binder caught up so I can post the cards with their mates. I knew Gavin creativity would shine through to boost that binder where there aren't available cards.  Thanks Gavin.


  1. Glad you liked the mini-Zapping. Sorry for the lack of any decent Zaps in recent times, my Barves supply is low. Very low. Too low.

    1. I consider the Card-Gens and Black Asia cards decent. For that matter, any Braves cards that I don't have is decent to me.

  2. I filled the first 500 count box and wanted to see if I could fill that whole flat rate. My wife thanks you for getting some many cards out of the house, or in my case storage unit.