Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Moving on to 1978

Before I show the 6 cards pulled from the 1978 binder, I figured I'd throw out the numbers for the other binders.

1975 Topps 356 in NM,  76 was about 50%, 77 was 99%, and 78-79 were about 90% complete. Overall the cards were in NM condition, however the 76 and 78s were similar to the 1970 binder posted yesterday. The 1982 was missing one card and NO it wasn't Cal! or any other star for that matter, but I had plenty to fill it and send it on to my buddy Bob.

Can anyone see the difference between these two cards? More importantly....... why?

It's not perfect, but it works for me.

Nice Schmidt card.

Caught with his mouth open.  lol.

Again, not perfect but hey it's an Eddie Murray Rookie.

Complete sealed set!  Lots of odd ball cards and sets in this acquisition. More on Thursday.


  1. The Ryan in my completed '78 set is probably the worst-conditioned card in the entire set. His cards are way too pricey.

    1. I was thrilled that it didn't have any creases, so I'm def. good with it.

  2. is one of the leflore cards from the burger king set? i think the one on the left is bk - the name text is lower. the numbers on the back should be different, too.