Saturday, July 30, 2016

Just a few Odd Ball sets

Up first we have some......

I kept a few of these so I could open one, save one, and hold one for later.

Same with this one. As you can see the box is bigger than the scanner.

Back when these first came out I bought 2 sets off of HSN (home shopping network). Opened one, kept one, then ultimately got rid of them all only to recoup one unopened box a couple years ago. This time I got two more, and yes I opened one of them too.

I haven't opened this one.... I want too as half of the players on the checklist are PC guys. But I won't.

The bag on the left is a sealed unopened set or at least I believe it is. The Gwynn was an extra which will find a home in his PC.

Keeping it short today, tomorrow post has a lot of cards.

1 comment:

  1. So many goodies. Don't think I've seen that Pinnacle set before... and I know I haven't seen that Holsum disc set. Great stuff.