Monday, July 25, 2016

Better start showing some of this stuff, huh? CONTEST

I know it seems like I've been gone for a month, wait a minute.....I have.  First I was sick for 2 weeks, then kind of stumbled in to 1 million plus cards and other things. Probably closer to 1.5 Million. I managed to scan some things piling up on my desk, so that will last for a while.

I did take pictures of everything as a whole and that took 15 separate pics, so I will place them here in the future.

I'm starting off with the VINTAGE binders. There were binders for 1970, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, and a complete binder of 1982 Topps.

Most of the stars were present, however the ones in the 1970 binder were not all NM as in 90% of the other binders.

The 1976 binder (no scans til 78), didn't have any of the super stars but I already had them.

1977 binder had all of the key cards.

The 1978 binder (scanned 6 cards for tomorrow) had all but 1 key card.

If you check my Set Build want lists, you can see just how big a dent I put in them as I have updated them, but I have found a few hundred singles in the 250+ monster boxes of single cards, and eventually will get them updated too.

There was a complete set binder for 1982 (but I already completed that set.)

Of the singles found 95 cards for 1963 Topps, 50 each for 1966 & 67, and lots more for the 70's and some 50's too! OOh and a Goudey! I think it maybe a reprint or something it is just too nice and clean.

Kind of messed this scan up.

Even though this Hank Aaron has the tape it was still my favorite from the 1970 Topps binder as I needed it for the Braves team set  which COMES FIRST!  Speaking of which my desk is now piled up with a couple thousand Braves that I need to see how many I need.  Anyone care to guess how many will be needed for the team sets? In fact I will have them (the first 2000 Braves) checked by the weekend, so guess here  and if you are a follower and live in the US... (sorry , but the postage outside the US is horrible, and I still have a box that has been sitting on my sofa for close to a year ($60.00 postage to Italy, one day I will get it out).........

I will reward the winner with some great stuff.  CONTEST ENDS ON SUNDAY NIGHT AT 6;00 PM EST.

Guess here and the closest wins, in the event of a tie, the first posted with the closest wins.


  1. And thanks for the contest. Sounds like quite a pickup!

  2. 587, though I considered "Price is Right-ing" arpsmith...

  3. Out of the first 2000, I'll say that you were able to use 372.

    And where do you guys find this stuff? Are retirees bringing their 1.75 million cards along with them? Are they passing away and leaving storage units filled with cards?

    1. This lot, used to belong to a card dealer who died years ago, and sold them to his mothers neighbor 8 years ago, and have just been sitting in sheds.

    2. the son sold them to his mothers neighbor

  4. Oh my. So many numbers to choose from. How about 217? Probably low, but who knows?
    Thanks for the contest!

  5. I'm going to an antique show in a couple of weeks in hopes of finding one guy who might have half a binder of cards. Sheesh.


  6. arpsmith got 444 already so I'll go with 312 - because three 4's (444) equal 12.

  7. Since this is a jackpot of a post, I will go with...


    Thanks for the contest!

  8. 219...thanks for the contest, sir!

  9. 301 Thanks for the contest. What a haul.

  10. I'll go with 711. Thanks for the contest!