Wednesday, April 1, 2015


A long time ago I gathered up a some Holiday cards (Cards whereas the players were born on a Specific Holiday). I chose one Holiday for each month (other than September which is marked for MY Birthday Binder). I even have one for St. Patricks Day, but forgot to post them. So, as my April Fools Day joke, we will be showing you those few cards from my St. Patty Day collection (just the birthday boys, not the green hats, although that would have been cool to include them here). Then, I will show you the Birthday Boys for April 1st.

Ha Ha, gotcha. There isn't any St. Patty's Day cards here today. And there are two Holiday showings for April....

 Yep, some footballers too.

A vintage.

Even a B-baller.

There are the April Fools Day boys!

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