Thursday, April 23, 2015

A box from Bo

A few weeks back Bo sent a box of cards loaded with cards for my collection.  Bo sent cards for the Birthday binders, Falcons, Buccaneers, and several other mini collections, but of course he sent Braves.

How cool is that Glavine card (Top row, right) from Triple Play.

Filling in some gaps.

Still filling in the gaps!

Lots of Ultra!

In 1998 I busted many boxes of the Fleer Tradition, had several sets, that I gave away/ got rid of. It is good to get some of them back. Oh look a Pitcher at the plate, and it looks like he just hit a dinger! This is also the first year Fleer used their high end technology (LOL) on their base set.  You know it, look... as if you were looking at Ultra. I didn't care much for the gold foil as it was very difficult to see some of the names, but otherwise a great set.

If I would of just kept all of those 93 Select Jeters', LOL.

Pinnacle fillers.

I could go on and on, as Bo sent 500+ cards, thanks Bo!


  1. whoa nice box of cards. You got reverse Dumped.

  2. I've got some stuff to send to you, John! I've just been lazy. I'll get on it though.

  3. Bo just sent me probably 2,000 cards from awesome '90s sets like that. Looks like we'll both be busy for a while!