Sunday, April 5, 2015

1) Thank you all. 2) Easter cards. 3) Surprise package.

First let me say thank you for those condolences, it means a lot. Secondly, I am going to post what I had planned for today Easter Sunday. I have tried to occupy my mind by staying busy doing things that need to get done, but it is too much for my siblings right now. So I am trying to relax and falling back onto my cards for a break.

I have longed planned this Easter post.  It is made up of cards that have a cross worn by th eplayer. It could be the typical necklace, or an ear ring, or who knows where you find find it, that is up to you to spot them. Some will be obvious, and 1 or 2 that may not be.

These two are pretty easy to spot.

Happy Easter.

Yesterday, was a difficult day as is today. I did have one bright spot yesterday, The Prowling Cat sent a care package.

I had the Joker Glavine (which the Cat sent as well), and I didn't know about this one and apparently there is another one out there I still need for the 1992 Baseball Aces playing cards. One more down for the Team 2000, just one more to go.

Here is an insert that I had no idea existed at all.  Pretty cool "Action Shot". Looks like it might have even made the Superman binder.

That 7-11 coin/disc closes that team set out for me, thank you. Now, interestingly that 88 Topps mini sticker back card has Ozzie Virgil on the front of which I have seems like a dozen of all with different back or front. I'm not sure which is which. Anyways, this is one I didn't have. I don't remember who that Brave is, of course I can look it up, but eh.

Great card!

Two more needed for the team sets.

These last five I had already but either needed them for my Hall Worthy PC, or as the back up for those which I always keep an extra if I get one.  Thanks Again for the cards, and Thanks again for the condolences.

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