Thursday, April 2, 2015

A few Trade Posts

It has been a rough couple of days here, and although I had planned a separate daily post for each of these trades. I am needing to get them done, so I will post them separately, but back to back to back.

First up is a mailer from Junior Junkie's most recent mailbox bombardment.

TJ hit me up with these two Justice cards along with another 19 Justice cards.

But the real excitement in the package was this 30 card team set. It was sealed, but I just had to open it, you know.

1994 Classic Durham Bulls. I recognize a couple of names here that made it onto official MLB sets.

Makes me think about watching the Kevin Costner film (again)!

Thanks TJ for including me in that trip to the POST OFFICE.


  1. I enjoy looking thru my old minor league teams sets. It really is amazing how many of those boys never make it out of AA/AAA.

  2. Matt Byrd! I have a friend by that name.