Sunday, February 12, 2017

A mini Zapping, a Cynical monster box, and some customs.

I just got back to GA, and the last time I had gone home I had gotten some trade packages in and needed to scan them. I have now done so and should be able to catch up on the incoming cards. Which is a good thing because I picked up some cards myself.

Black Asia, always good. Sega Card-Gen always good too.

And three more Braves from Kenny too.  Thanks Kenny!

I picked up my first of the year T206 card for 2017.

Next visit home I will be cutting this one out of it's prison.  Thanks to me, now to get on with cards from others.

Awhile back I UNLOADED on Mark from Cynical Buddah (The Yount Collector) which ever blog you read.  Mark fired back with a monster flat rate box full of my set builds needs 99% Topps 2007-2016. But Mark put in some Braves......

All needed.

Lots of relics and a couple of autos!

Thanks Mark.

This trip to GA. I brought my scanner with me. Will come in handy in the future. Meanwhile before I unplugged it I scanned a package that was waiting on me in Ocala last week.

As you can tell this came from Gavin over at Baseball Card Breakdown. It did come with 7 other cards although one wasn't a custom.

I have to give Mark Hoyle credit for this one as he is the one who suggested I add Al Kaline to that Binder a couple of years ago.  Mark it's official!

2 n 1.

Another 2fer.

As some of you may have already figured it out, but these customs were requested for my Names Binder. Gavin did an AMAZING job, and I am ecstatic over these. So looking forward to the next batch. Can't wait to get that binder caught up so I can post the cards with their mates. I knew Gavin creativity would shine through to boost that binder where there aren't available cards.  Thanks Gavin.


  1. Glad you liked the mini-Zapping. Sorry for the lack of any decent Zaps in recent times, my Barves supply is low. Very low. Too low.

    1. I consider the Card-Gens and Black Asia cards decent. For that matter, any Braves cards that I don't have is decent to me.

  2. I filled the first 500 count box and wanted to see if I could fill that whole flat rate. My wife thanks you for getting some many cards out of the house, or in my case storage unit.

    1. Tell your wife she is most welcome, anytime.