Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Gallery

These are the keepers from the 2 mega boxes of 2018 Gallery I grabbed when I picked up the Holiday blasters.

Box 1

The Braves. Nice Canvas Freeman, and Eddie insert.

My two AUTOS on top.

I found it odd that the only horizontal card in either box was this Mattingly.

Box topper Ruth.

Okay now for Box 2:

More Braves in this box, always great to get the dupes I got so I can use them for the PC.

Box topper and my two AUTOS. Both autos Dodgers.

I know which box I think was best, how about you?


  1. The Amed hot box!

    (OK, even as a Met fan, I don't really get that excited at Amed Rosario cards. But the Babe box topper, the deGrom, and some nice inserts give it the edge in the absence of a big auto in either.)

  2. Second box, obviously. Grandal auto is neat, haven't seen autos from him as a Dodger. ... Overall, the product does not appeal to me. I think I liked it better last year when one artist handled everything.

  3. That Juan Soto card is gonna haunt my dreams.

  4. I'm torn. Matt Olson autograph vs. Jose Altuve box topper. I'll call it a draw.