Wednesday, November 21, 2018

It's been awhile

I haven't posted much these last two months. There are several reasons for that: Me sick, Uncle sick, Uncle in and out of hospital, not attending any card shows (meaning no new cards to show), busy handling clients, and finally my back causing problems (which is always an issue, just this time was really bad). My back doesn't like the temps to fall below 75. I'm one of those guys that would prefer 100 degrees over 50, 90 over 60, 80 over 70. Looks like a long time to Spring. We'll get through it for sure.

Anyways, I did get 2 trade packages in this week (1 just today). So I have cards to show. As mentioned above I haven't been to a show for almost 2 months. That's a killer for me. Back home (Florida) I can go to a show every week if I wanted too. Jax played out and became stagnant, so I'm looking for another show with not too far of a drive. Meanwhile, I got stir crazy waiting on cards so I hit Wally World up for some blasters and I'll show them off later.

Tonight's cards came from Bo. VINTAGE set build needs.

70's help.

and some 60's help. My 60's set builds need a lot of HELP!  Thanks Bo, I'll get your vintage return out soon.

Have a great night and Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. Welcome back John. Happy thanksgiving

  2. Glad you're BACK and at 'em!

    The older I get the less I like the cold, which I suppose is the way it goes. But neither major cold or heat used to bother me.

  3. Thanks again for the trade! I've always preferred warm temperatures, even 100 I find comfortable. Not a fan of the cold at all.

  4. That 76T Bando is fantastic! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Hope you're feeling better soon!