Friday, November 30, 2018

Some 2018 Braves I needed

I spent last week building my carts at ComC and Cardbarrel. However, I pulled the trigger on cardbarrel before black Friday as there was not going to be anything special that day. I'll show the comc stuff when it comes in, but tonight I'm letting the other shine. Right after I throw out some 2018 stats.

So far Braves cards released (that I know of): 9,465, last year's total was 8,642.
2018 Topps: 7,297, last year 7,016......2018 Panini: 1,979, last year 1,445 (then you had the Honus Bonus Braves 112). At year's end I'll see what the final numbers are. Damn, they make it so hard.

That's a lot of Braves. I've done my almost best trying to complete the base cards.

Here's an collage of 2018 Topps Tek. Let's look closer.

Base pattern 1.   I still need the Chipper and Albies.

Pattern 2.

Pattern 3 and 4 respectively.

Closes these out with a Magma Diffractor.   I picked up the Hank Aaron's from Ebay for 1.99 plus shipping. DEAL!

2018 Topps chrome, these 3 closes out the base needs.

Chrome Update, and these 4 closes those out.

2018 Chronicles was NUTS, but I like crazy sometimes. I've not done too bad trying to get the base Braves.

Here is what I still NEED.
Phoenix #21
Select #21
Spectra #'s 47, 48

Classics #30
Prestige #8
Crusade base #25 (that's the holo version above)
Cornerstones #s 3, 18, 19 (all of them)
Rookies & Stars #8
Contenders Optic #4 ( I also need the regular Contenders Braves 1, 2, 3, 17...all of them)
Limited #15

I did pretty good so far.


  1. I really like the Donruss Classics design. Wish MLB would end the cardboard monopoly sooner than later.

  2. Nice! I really enjoyed Chronicles this year, way more than I thought I might. Kinda fun to have a big mishmash set like that. Like if the old Topps Fusion set had only used non-baseball designs.

  3. so much going on with Chronicles. I'd buy in on a Classics release. Why does Panini like to tease?

  4. Way to go closing out those team sets, and so close in the others.