Thursday, June 7, 2018

The swap outs are......

Bo chimed in on #28, which is the stack of CUBS media guides that I posted a few weeks ago.

Once a Cub grabbed #9 which is

stack 2 of the vintage girlie cards.

Jon snagged #4

which was the girlie stack #1.

Julie pops in for #14

Bam Bam! Winfield RC.

Here is the list of all prizes:

What didn't go:

#12: another stack of Kellogg's

#22: another 70's vintage stack with a 1960 Alou

#24: a Trout stack.

I hope y'all had fun.

Before I package the prizes up, if any of y'all are working a swap of prizes with each other, lmk I can send them directly and save y'all shipping. I am heading home for a week and plan on mailing the prizes out after I get back. so lmk.


  1. Thanks for the game, Johnny! It was a lot of fun!

  2. I'm definitely happy with the trade-out! Thanks for allowing us to do that. And thank you for the game :)

  3. great fun! I am happy with the Winfield rookie. I didn't own one! Thank you much - and have a safe trip!

  4. The Winfield RC is awesome! Thanks for a great BFG!

  5. Thanks for the game! And I am open to swaps for my 2018 Topps star lot. Esp for the girlie cards...

  6. Thanks for running the contest!

  7. Also open to swaps for my set of Cubs media guides, willing to swap for any of the card stacks. If not though, will enjoy looking through the guides.

  8. It was fun, and I got lucky with the Tigers card. #11 is the BEST!

  9. Thanks for the game John! If anyone can't live without the Dodgers patch, I'm open for a trade.