Friday, June 22, 2018

Just when you thought you had everything from 1990

Hmm....1990 and Topps. I thought I had it all, but nope. More in a minute.

I still need addresses for Once a Cub, Wilson, and Matt Pederson.

Back to 1990 Topps. Do you have it all? I thought I did until fellow OCTer Bob D'Angelo sent me this.

The back view.

The first pages inside were Dodgers. They throw some trivia out and then you're supposed to get the correct sticker and place it in the book/album.

Of course I'll show the Braves pages.

There is even trivia for the logos and equipment.

Lots and lots of pages of stickers. As a team collector, this posed a problem.

A nice cheat sheet too.

To remedy the team problem, I took a scrapbook page cutter and cut the stickers down the horizontal lines, then individually as needed. I also grabbed my PC guys too. Many of you team collectors will wind up with "your" stickers eventually.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Not a big sticker collector but these are something I haven't seen either!

  2. I really like the design of the team crests!

  3. I had this book when I was kid. It was pretty cool to see it again after all these years!

  4. Interesting. I enjoyed putting together the Topps Sticker books from the early 80's. Kinda wish Topps had used this idea and included a complete set of stickers with each album purchase.

  5. Been meaning to contact you and keep procrastinating, and now I can't find your email. Can you drop me an email via my blogger profile and I'll send my address?