Sunday, June 3, 2018

Does anyone know John Sharp?

John's a Michigan boy living in Jacksonville, FL. Has a blog but no e-mail listed. If you have his e-mail PLEASE e-mail him. If you have his phone number him. Maybe you've traded with him, let him know it's been his turn for a couple of hours now. I don't plan on letting this BFG take a month to finish, so I may drop him out of the game if he hasn't gone before I go to bed (shortly). I did ask for an e-mail from everyone, and he didn't do that either, so I can't reach him. Going forward PLEASE PLEASE note when your turn is and who goes before you so that you can be waiting to go. I actually believed this game could be done tonight, at least through the first round. I posted when the start was and the pecking order, TWICE. I want to finish this game by tomorrow night.