Thursday, June 21, 2018

A whole bunch of Thanks!

I'm back in Valdosta after a terrible trip back home. I want to thank everyone who participated in the the BFG. I also have a slew of thanks to hand out to those who've sent me cards over the last two weeks. I scanned a couple of lots before I left the rest I am acknowledging here....right now. Thanks go out to Len and Kevin from OCT. Thanks go to fellow bloggers Tom T for a stack of Braves, Jim (GCRL) for some Braves, Bert from Swing & a Pop up, Kenny (ZZ), and the few I scanned from Bob D (OCT) showing those tomorrow and tonight's feature from Nick (dimebox).

The first time I seen these was a few weeks ago when Nick posted them. Now I need to find the rest of the set.

All Braves needs.

A couple for the PC and no idea on the Gwosdz.

These make the PC. I do have a QUESTION though. With the brown back Hostess, why is it brown?

2 more for the PC and 2 more needed Braves. Thanks Nick, and again to all of those mentioned above for the cards as well as those in the BFG.

I do still need addresses for: John Sharp, RAZ, Once a Cub, and Wilson. I also need Matt Pederson's addy. Hit me up guys.