Tuesday, November 22, 2016


What a week and half. To cut it short, first 4 days racked up 1800 miles with only 8 hours of sleep during the 4 days. Since then, several hundred more miles with more to come. Anyways, I missed posting. I am so far behind with my cards I am going to have to skip some things.... like the Braves from the Jacksonville card show. I will however post the Jeters. I picked up 585 of them which included some dupes/trips etc. They are now scanned and I tried to catch the doubles, but without saying it you know I missed many. Sorry. There are a total of 43 8/9 card scans. I will break them up over a week.

For now I need to get some thanks out to some folks like Nate Mack (OCT) for a trio of 1955 Bowman Braves, Mark Hoyle for adding to the 1982 and 1984 Braves team photos, Bo rosny for some Topps All Star Commemorative set and some Glossy send ins, and to Just Commons for a huge order of Braves. I did manage to scan up a couple of trade packages.

Like this one from Matt S. from the blog Matts Blog.

2015 and 2016 Ginter X. These are my first cards of them and I only need the 2015 Kimbrel #5 to complete my Braves team sets.  Thanks Matt, a package should heading your way this week.

Tomorrow I will highlight a trade with from (OTWBB) Shane.

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