Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wacky Wednesday

ANS Series 5 part 2:

Used it, prefer Pine Sol Lemon.

Don't like them. As a kid walking home from school there was a store about half at a fork in the road and was appropriately called the triangle store. We would stop there everyday, and my candy of choice was the large chewy sweet-tart, rotating between the cherry and the grape.

I like rice. Don't really cook it very often. But love it with my Chinese food and when I happen to hit up a Japanese Hibachi Steakhouse.   Good stuff.

YUK!  Not even when I'm sick.

What kid didn't like Mr. Bubbles? Of course as I got older and my skin got really dry, then I had to use Alpha-Keri in my bath.  probably TMI.

More of a Power Stick guy myself.

Yuk, Crest Pro-Health for me. Although a 50/50 solution of regular Listerine and tap water works to fend off mosquitoes.

I liked it, great taste. These days I'm keep a cup/jug of Orbit sugar-free bubble gum in the vehicle.

Tried it. I will say when I was an early teenager I was adamant about having Body on Tap shampoo. Not around anymore, but it was a must, like Sedgefield jeans. As my tastes grew (and I worked) those wants/must haves like Nike's, Levi's, and Izod became my problem. My mom told me if I wanted then I could buy them, she wasn't.


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