Friday, November 25, 2016

Jacksonville Jeters

It seems like many months have passed since I made that trek north to Jacksonville to that 4,000 square foot brick & mortar shop. I was the first customer to show up that day, and the only one for hours into the show. I ate breakfast and lunch there (the shop owner treated). I have still yet to check the Jeters I came home with against my many lists. One day day...How about we look at the first 6 (of 43) scans.

Just a reminder that I tried to eliminate dupes, but over the course of this week I know you'll see some.

Derek Jeter is one of my PC guys, and one of the weakest as far as volume is concerned. Well, not near the bottom anymore. I picked up 585 Jeters in total with many duplicates so that I could cover the set build and the PC. I grabbed 3 of that 1993 Select Rookie (one was for my buddy Bob).

OOPS, that one is backwards.

You will see that 1997 Topps again. Somehow I wound up with several of those. Including the chrome version and some insert that the back is what is different.

See you tomorrow with more.