Sunday, November 6, 2016

From the CHEAP seats

Okay, you might think this is about a view from the nose bleeds.....World Series maybe?  Was it in Cleveland or Chicago?  But it isn't and truth be told it isn't about seating at all. Well maybe if you consider my wallet didn't shrink when I bought these cards so I was still sitting at the same height as when I first sat down to peruse a dusty old album that I picked my way through yesterday at the flea market.

You may notice the Hodges is creased and that Killer's bottom corners are rounded, but I know you wouldn't pass them up for a nickel a piece, would you?   That's right a nickel, every card featured today was just 5 cents each. Archives.

Lots of 1991 & 1993 Archives.

SP Legendary Cuts, one of these has surface issues, but a nickel, please.

I wasn't even going to guess as to whether or not I even needed them. I figured if it was a set I was building grab it and if I had it already I could live with the expense.

TCMA, and yes they are Dodger heavy, I didn't scan a bunch of them because they are already sitting in someone's stack.

Middle row reprints, but hey a nickel.....why not?

The Alston is bent but the rest of the immortals are just fine.  Blue Conlons.

That Cobb and Paige are 2 from a nine card set, so I guess I will have to find the others. Shouldn't be a big deal I'm sure this guy has them in another dusty binder.

The Sisler is a SUPER shiny silver, don't know why it doesn't look it here.

That is a Simpson's tattoo on the top row.  Got a bunch of them and they too are sitting in another trader's stack.  greats of the game for 5 cents, wow!

Well, that was my view from the CHEAP seat yesterday.  I may have to go back today.


  1. Ooooooooo. TCMA and Dodgers. Pretty!

  2. WOW!! Colorized Conlons for a nickel? That is beyond bargain basement!