Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Shout Outs

Well, I got a slew of cards in since Wednesday, so I will just get right to it.

TJ from the The Junior Junkie sent along these fine additions. Needed them all but the miscut Horner thank goodness. Thank you TJ.  Those were my first two 2013 finest cards too, below you will see my third!

From the Bay 1.09 dlvd. There were actually 6 cards, but I put the Braves card away already, hehe.

Yipee, mini stickers. From the Bay for .97 delivered, also got a Ripken 1986 mini for .59 dlvd from the same seller.

these came from the flea market haul a couple weeks back

as did these.

and these

And these too. This wraps up the posts about that huge haul. I would like to say that I pulled some nice base cards too, not many. 4 Bret Favre 1991 rookies. When all was said and done, there were almost 45,000 cards in what was supposed to be a little over 30,000. I'd say I got my monies worth just in the few monster boxes that I got to keep, the rest were put into regular cardboard boxes, but they were full.

The short breakdown, so 50s, 60s, 70s vintage, loads of 81-89, and 90s, some more recent stuff, relics (no autos), a few Ripken, Jr, and other lower end HOFers (if you can say that, makes me feel bad), a 5K box, 2 3K boxes, a short stack of Braves, and a complete 1983 topps set too. Not bad for $30 total. Bob gave me super good deal as most of it was junk, and he felt bad as he was "going" to sell that 57 Mantle for $300 for me, but the guy stood him up. I would have taken $250.00 with that small corner creased like it is with the indentions too. But oh well, his loss for not showing up.

Nice Glavine rookie.

All of the Glavine and Smoltz cards came from Tim Morales over at OCT. He had posted on our groups site that he a 2 huge stacks of Glavine and Smoltz, I claimed them. go figure. I needed all of the ones you see, plus there were 16 others that were dupes.

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