Monday, May 5, 2014

One of my "mini" collections

Next month (June 14th) is Flag Day, and I will be highlighting all of the cards be it not that many from one of my mini collections. The American Flag, or similarity of such. Doesn't have to be an actual flag more of a Stars and Stripes kind of thing. Tonight you get a taste, but just a taste.

 Mr. Murray with Flag flying in the background.

This is a football card barely showing the Flag.

Another one from the same Pro Set set, highlighting Super Bowl X on the back.

Much better shot of Flag here.

Definitely a better shot here highlighting the Flag and honoring Super Bowl x (on the card front)

But one of the coolest Flag cards I have is the Lofton you see below. NUFF said.

Again, like all of my other mini collections, I don't actually seek them out just keep them when I get them.


  1. Very cool mini collection. Love the idea. If I didn't already collect "everything", I might start up a "Stars and Stripes" PC too.

  2. That Lofton is awesome. Great mini-collection idea!