Friday, November 1, 2013

Hello November 2013

Well October came and it went, a fitting end on a day BOO comes into play, more of a boo-hoo for me. Slow start and slow finish for trading. I did manage to close on 63 deals, again most of which were for my 2 Atlanta Braves Collections. Which I now only need 147 unique Atlanta Braves uniformed players out of the 617 that I have listed. Remember now that I am attempting the earliest possible card (preferably Topps when that is the case) for 2 sets. One for me the other is a Christmas present for my brother. I really thought that this project would be completed by now. Go figure some cards are hard to get, especially via trade.  That is however what keeps us engaged and excited. No doubt I will be utterly satisfied to obtain the 2 1966 Hank Aaron cards that have thus eluded my trade grasp. I can't wait to binder those 2 cards!

Added 2 T206 cards to that special binder, haven't done that in quite some time. Both are Piedmont 150 backs in poor condition ( I ACTUALLY LIKE THE "LESSER CONDITIONED") but complete: LOBERT CINCY & GANLEY WASHINGTON.  The Lobert card front is majorly creased but the back is fantastic, while the Ganley card front is superb (EX) the back has some paper loss. Both cards have rounded corners, and I was very pleased to get them both. That has to be the toughest set in the world to get, duh!

My SUPER ELWAY COLLECTION will be back to main focus for the remainder of the year, as I am way off target for hitting the 1500 unique by years end. I am sitting at 1329, with apx 900 dupes(nearly 500 unique), 21 figures, 34 magazine covers (2 vintage dupes), 16 collector plates, and 33 oddball/other items. I must mention again, that I was able to trade for my first to Elway Autographs that are not listed above even though 1 is on a card, the other in a book.

If you run across any Elway I only need like 3,400 cards, LOL. . . . . I always have cards for your PC......


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