Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Oh BOY part TWO (the other stuff)

Just an update about the rest of the cards from the flea market haul! Wow, some really great stuff. And all available for those who may be interested. I really only wanted the fore mentioned Braves, using the rest to trade with.

I've never been one to collect the Sportflics cards, at least not the ones from the 80s. I did pop a few boxes of the 1995s and 1996, be it most but not all of those have been traded away by now.

In this most recent lucky find. I managed to get parts of  what looks like 2 sets of the Sportflics :

1986 triple action: 2 don mattingly, 10, 11,12, 16, 21 kirk gibson x3, 25 seavor, 26, 31,37 reggie jackson, 43 nolan ryan, 48, 53 neikro/reuss/witt, 57 cal ripken/baylor/reggie jackson, 58 parker/madlock/rose, 59 x2, 70 sutsliffe/carlton/seavor, 73 lynn/murray/ripken, 83, 84, 85, 86, 90, 97 strawberry, 98, 99, 102, 106 carew, 108, 110 dawson, 111 x2, 112 x2, 114, 117 morris, 119, 123, 127 raines/sandberg/hernandez x2, 128 molitor/ripken/wilson x2, 134 sutcliffe/seavor/denny, 138 perez/staub/rose, 143 nolan ryan/valenzuela/gooden, 144 x2, 149, 151 x2, 156 franco 2nd yr card, 161 mcdowell rc, 163 phil neikro, 166, 167, 169, 171, 172, 176 (6 players w/ mattingly and for a couple of you guys has a play at the plate w coleman, 177 (6 rc players), 178 6 future stars w canseco, tartabull and greenwell, 180 boggs/carew/mattingly/brett/cooper/wilson, 181 gwynn/madlock/guerrero/parker/rose/hernandez, 182 carew/neikro/rose/ryan/tallman, 192, and 193.

The other two sets 1 red set  and 1 blue set, are copyrighted 1986 also, but actually have the 1986 stats so I guess they are the 1987 set red being the National Leaguers, and blue for the American. Not many of these total for the short list is here:

red set: 13, 29,36, 58,72, 104, 115 schmidt/brown/wallach, and 120 scott/valenzuela/gooden.
blue set: 1 mattingly, 4 henderson, 7 puckett, 9 ripken, 10 clemens, 15, 89, 96, 101, 106, 114 boggs/brett/gaetti, 118 6 rookies, 143, 161, and 194.

I've heard horror stories about these type cards cracking and such, but these are NM.

I did get nearly a complete set of the 1989 Score  with all the key cards including the Randy Johnson RC.
Keeping with the Score line there were partial sets (no more than 25%) of 1988 through 1998 again the super stars are in there.

A similar run of Donruss accept that run was from 1982 to 1992, with the super stars in there too!
The Fleer run was pretty cool and went from 1981 through 1992 with  several STAR inserts from 86, 88, and 89.

A handful of 1989 Upper deck , Ecks, parker, and Canseco were the highlights of those cards.

A partial set of 1985 Topps with lots of the dupes of cards 700 through 720 (they are all stars so I didn't mind).
Another handful of 1989 super stars only ryan/ rose, mattingly, johnson, bonds, clemens, schmidt, henderson, brett, mcgwire , most have 5 cards each.

There were many 1992 & 1993 Topps, and a handful of the 1993 topps Gold, no biggies there.
Now the 1986 Topps had players like seavor, ryan, ripken, brett, and gwynn, very nice all NM too!

And low and behold another handful of 1973 Topps not in good shape overall, but I did manage to score some 1976 Topps  stars in EX+  many cards had a dinged corner or two, and several others had creases.

There were a few 1974 & 75 cards.

Oddball sets or partial sets of the 1983 & 1986 Topps commemorative All Stars
Also 5 1986 minis including Gwynn the only card in very good shape other than the checklist.
Not many of the 1984 & 1987 Topps, but what is there are super stars.

About 20 other sets that just had a few cards each, mainly stars but not all.

And two really odd ball cards. 1991 Hall of Fame Olympic Cards of Mary Lou Retton and Eddie Eagan (boxing).

3 8x10 team issued photos of some Buffalo Bills looks like from the 70's . And 1 very interesting  Fran Tarkenton (Vikings) page from some magazine, on the reverse is a cartoon where the center has "I love You" written on his butt, and the QB wearing #10 is pulling what appears to be toilet paper from the top of the center pants???????????? Interesting anyways.

Plus 2 Topps sticker albums with some stickers insde from 1982 & 1983. and several Ted Williams set cards.

Throw in the vintage and oversized cards from part one of this post, and I think I got my $35.00 dollars worth!

 I hope to share my good fortune with my fellow traders. My need are simple, lol.

I want JOHN Elway!, and Any Braves cards I can get especially TOPPS (2 each) base cards.
And just to throw in out there any T206 in poor- fair condition greatly appreciated.

Email me if you want some of this stuff.


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