Thursday, October 17, 2013

The "Special Project" update

It has been a crazy 6-7 weeks since I started the Atlanta Braves mini collection. For those who didn't catch that post: I was attempting to get 2 (two) of the earliest card produced (preferably Topps base) of every player wearing an Atlanta Braves uniform, but the earliest card I can get is just fine for set 2. Believe it or not, I am near completion, with less than 100 to go, maybe even less than 50. I haven't did an actual count yet. That's over 1200 cards thanks to all the Bowman Draft and prospect sets of players that may not even get to the majors.

 I really wish the card companies would only produce cards for the players that actually played games in the Bigs during the previous season, not sure how everyone else feels about that but that's how I feel.

Anyways, this month so far I've made 44 trades most of which were for the Braves including several 100+ different Braves trades, which has landed me with multiple dupes!!!!!Or should I say Trips + as I am putting together 2 binders. It has been rather easy but busy and time consuming. The main set (a lot of Rookies) is year by year and the binder for my brother is alphabetical. I am quite confident that both sets will be complete by Thanksgiving as was hoped, or shortly thereafter. The 1966 Aaron ...  still in need of two of those, one can be any lesser condition the other needs to be in GOOD to VG.

I was able to add a few cards to the Gator binder, and 39 to the Super Elway collection (my main PC) including some really nice short prints. I even added 8 vintage Wacky packages to my collection.

When I started building my brothers Braves set I winded up adding the Atlanta Hawks and Falcons just so I could make a trade happen. I do like helping other traders out, sometimes you just gotta go with it.

Anyways, My Elway Collection is now at 1314 unique cards. The magazine covers are at 34 (Beckett and SI completed but for 1).  I hope to finish October with a push for 1400 on Elway.

I needed this sort of slow trade month as the last two months were nearly overwhelming with the large volumes that I had got. Definately prefer this, still have piles but that is what we do.

Enjoy, Lets swap some cardboard.

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