Wednesday, October 7, 2020


 Oh, back on Sept. 3 I placed an order on Sportlots. There were a total of 5 sellers. The largest order ($63.00) was from a seller I buy from all of the time. Always pleased. This go around, that package hadn't showed up after I had received all of the others so I checked mid month. The tracking shows it was delivered on 9/15. Nope, it was not. After my previous experience as you all know I figured I was just out my $63.00. Well, to my surprise it showed up in a 3 Day priority box ship dated 9/8. Problem, it showed up and was actually delivered on Oct. 1st. I am not even going to bother checking to see if they "updated" the tracking # to reflect when it was actually delivered to me. We are talking over 300 cards here, probably closer to 350 of which most were for set builds. I was relieved for sure, and I won't burden you with the set builds, but there were some that were other needs or just wants. I always try to maximize my shipping and with this case it was free shipping.

Why not grab so Dick Perez and Perez Sketch parallels.

Finished off the 2017 Independence Day set.

Gallery of Stars.... 2020 Diamond Kings version and the original 1992 Triple Play versions.

I scooped up these too. My favorite is the Green Linen parallel Nixon.

Have fun folks. Probably not going to post tomorrow.


  1. I didn't even know Wally played for KC.

  2. That Nixon is sweet! Sorry to hear that your package was delayed. I'd be freaking out if a box of 300+ hand picked cards were just floating around out there. Glad they eventually arrived safely.