Sunday, October 4, 2020

ComC phase 6

 At least I think it is phase 6. Time to do a big little post.

A nice mix of backs. 

I grabbed these two Braves off of Ebay the other day. I am now down to needing just 4 more Braves.

The two above the above shot give me 9 of the 13 Braves. Getting there.

There is the ones I have now.


  1. So fun to have cards over 100 years old. I have just one in my collection.

  2. Whoa. This is a pretty little post. I nave no T206s but clearly need to rectify that at some point.

  3. Not sure I remember seeing this many T206 cards in one blog post. All of these would make an excellent background picture for your blog.

  4. T206's have gotten ridiculously expensive on COMC, so I'm kind of surprised that you were able to get so many, assuming of course that you didn't pay outlandish prices for them.