Tuesday, October 20, 2020

A few new ones

 Just a small handful of cards I got yesterday.

I've been working on the set for 20 years. I am now down to just 3 more of the variations.

Bonds #476: 400/400
Arod #479: $1M, 96 Batting leader.

I'll close out with some new Braves. The Longball cards look great. There won't be a Wacky post tomorrow. Next post should be the BINGO checkin on Friday.


  1. I purchase an ‘00 Topps complete set a few months ago. I’ll look and see what I have of the variations.

  2. I like the Aaron and Mathews. Not so much the ho versions of LL.

  3. I still need three of the Gwynn variations from this set.