Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Wacky Wednesday: 2020 style

I'm not sure that style is the right word. Back in June, the first week that is I stumbled onto Topps Website, and seen they had a weekly ON DEMAND Wacky Packages set.  Turns out that Topps started it the month prior in May. I ordered up my June week 1 set and quickly went to Ebay and picked up the complete 4 week set for May. Those I will show you tonight. The May 2020 complete standard set. I say standard, because you know Topps. There are parallels! You have Red Ludlow backs and coupon/ad backs. They also have chase cards 3 each week. We used to call these inserts if they were baseball cards. You have Guest Artist (for the week), Wonky Packages (for the week-May through July) then they switched up this month with Wacky Initials (I don't get that one at all), and a third chase card. I haven't gotten any of the third chases yet. Each week when you order from Topps you get the 5 standard stickers which all are puzzle backs and 2 of the 3 chase cards. 7 stickers each week for $15.00 and free shipping. That comes out to mainly 20 stickers (at most 25 stickers) plus the 2 chase card each week. So a base set will run you $60-75 for the month (and you get the 8-10 bonus stickers). Kind of like the 1974 run where there released 9-10 sets or so. Of course those had 27-33 base stickers. But it is what it is. You can go on Ebay and grab up the weekly sets for basically the same 15.00, but no chase cards. The chase cards are way up there in price. So I order from Topps every week.  That pretty much explains so let's look at some BRAND NEW WACKYS.

The complete 4 week May checklist.

This is puzzle 1. In 4 week sets you get 2 complete different puzzles.

That is the 20 stickers.  I bought this complete off of Ebay so I didn't get any parallels or chase stickers.  I think I only paid 25.00 for the set though. I can't remember now.

The 2nd puzzle.

Now for the June release. I bought week 1 and forgot about weeks 2 & 3. It wasn't until week 4 that I remembered I need to do this every Wednesday yes. Wacky Wednesday. I won't pay 15.00 for each of the 5 card standard sets without chase cards on Ebay, so I will just keep watching until someone throws a standard complete set up for cheap. Meanwhile, i will be highlighting a "week's worth on my Wacky Wednesday which will ultimately always be at least a month behind. I have week 1 & 2 of July already, but still waiting on weeks 3-5, and of course I ordered Aug week 1 already today.


  1. Eh ... some of these are OK. Others clearly inspired by Garbage Pail Kids, which I don't care for.

    By the way, did you see that Topps is selling mini Wacky Package collectibles, kind of like plastic toys of grocery/drug store items? Weird.

    1. I did not see them. Doesn't sound like my kind of thing either.

  2. Voting for Hun-Maid Raisins. Thick Tac and Ghoul Aid worth noting.

  3. Topps sure loves their online exclusives. None of these really stand out to me, but I like the puzzle backs.

  4. i really injoy these as i ve practicaly grew up collecting wackys keep them comming please