Monday, August 3, 2020

Breaking UP!

Breaking up is hard to do. But not always.  I broke up this set over the weekend.

Poor cropping on my behalf, sorry. However, this is not the reason for the break up. Yes, Bonds is the key card in the 1987 Donruss Opening Day set.

No, I broke up this set because I was scrolling through my Braves excel want lists, and it showed me missing a card from there. Now I am pretty darn sure I had already broken one of these sets up before and my web want lists showed it complete.

This is the card. Keep in my mind I probably do have it already. But hey those cards are back home. So I have done it again.


  1. Huh? You needed one card to complete the set and you threw in the towel? This is quitting on the level of Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner.

    1. I've been breaking up all of my non flagship sets this year, all year long. Again, pretty sure Gary is already sitting in a my Braves Donruss b.inder back home. At least now I don't have to wonder why it wasn't checked off of my excel sheet

  2. Yeah, I'd break up that set for a key team set need. '87 Donruss OD is not that crucial of a set.

  3. Roenicke's facial expression cracks me up.

  4. I'd probably have done the same thing.