Monday, August 13, 2018


That's the best word I can come up with to describe the last 7 days. One week ago, I was home for my annual VA check up. More on that in a minute. I stayed at home an extra night (man do I miss my bed, my shower, and my home). Anyways, I got bored and still had a little itch that needed scratching as my normal monthly go to card show was backed up a week which was actually perfect for me. I posted those cards last week highlighted with the Ohtani autograph. Well, back to the VA story....while I was there the Dr. said hey you've never had a pneumonia vaccine, I said why not. Damn if I didn't get sick come Wednesday night. Miserable I tell you. I started to feel a little better over the weekend all but the runny nose. So I hit up Wally world here in Valdosta to grab some eggs and fresh (hah) fruit today. Being I was sick I didn't make the drive to Jacksonville so that damn itch was still there. This cost too much money, I need to get to the next card show for sure. Hence, ditto.

This time I caved and grabbed the 20 pack box of Bowman Platinum hoping to get some Braves and hopefully a sweet auto as the box guarantees two. I also grabbed 2 blasters of A&G.  Here are my keepers.

Braves first.

Okay, 3 Braves from each brand, ugh!

Purple numbered Judge.

Here are the two autos:

As pricey as this set is, you'd think Topps would have classed it up with "on card autos".

I guess I forgot to place the Jeter correctly.

And the best base mini. Looks like I got more keepers with the A&G for half the price. And, go figure I got a hit in each box.

Sort of a hit. 

Bam, no double BAM, Another Ohtani autograph and this one framed mini and is numbered 18/25.

Have a great night.


  1. Holly hell, those three autographs are amazing.
    Mitch Keller is easily one of the Pirates' best prospects, Brandon McKay is the American Ohtani currently trying the two-way (pitching and hitting) thing in the minors, and Shohei Ohtani is the Japanese Babe Ruth.
    Also that Claire Smith relic is awesome too.

  2. UHHHHHHH. WHAT?!?!??! From a blaster?!?!?! Good for you!!!

  3. Wowza! An Ohtani autograph out of a blaster? Congratulations! That's awesome!

  4. Congrats on the huge hit! And hope you're feeling better.

  5. Ohtani wanted to get into the "Ditto" fun...awesome!