Tuesday, August 7, 2018

2 Days late

August 5th was my 5th anniversary of this blog. I had ran to my house in Ocala, FL. on the 5th and didn't prepare a post. So, my bad. I did however decide to grab some cards from MY LOCAL WALMART the one in Ocala while I was there. I guess I still had a little itch. I grabbed 1 blaster of Bowman Platinum, 4 Topps Chrome, and another Big League and Optic. I'm glad I did.

PC guys plus a rookie auto.

Inserts and refractors of PC guys.

The last 4 cards are the ones that come in the parallel pack.

The Diamond Kings.

More PC guys, the Trout is the variation photo.

A couple of inserts, and......

See Bam!!!! Ohtani insert variation autograph!!!!!!!! Sweet, It feels like I haven't bought cards from that store in over  2 years, and I may not have. Again, I'm glad I did.

Here are the Braves. Afterall, this is a Braves blog.

All 3 Freeman's are different.

I will place the traditional blogversary contest here. Simply comment on this post by Midnight on Aug. 9th. (being I was 2 days late, I pass my boo boo on to you) Paying it forward if you will.

Have a great night!


  1. Happy 5th anniversary, John! And congratulations on the, I'm assuming, much desired Ohtani auto.

  2. Wow. You bought a lot of cards, you better get something worthwhile for your money!

    Happy anniversary.

  3. Happy anniversary! Sweet Ohtani autograph!

  4. Happy anniversary! And congratulations on adding that Ohtani autograph to your collection.

  5. Congrats on 5 years and that is one awesome Ohtani auto! Off topic but I assure you I haven't forgotten that I owe you some cards for the buybacks you sent my way many months back.

  6. Wow.. awesome~!
    Happy 5 years, John.

  7. Congrats on the Ohtani auto and for 5 years in the blogosphere!