Sunday, September 24, 2017

My 2 cents, and a COMC order.

Well, I might as well get this over. I am PISSED, as a veteran....a service connected disabled veteran. My injuries were for freedom, but NOT the freedom to disrespect the flag! Taking a knee does nothing for any "movement" IT WILL NOT make anything better in fact is WILL make things worse. It is an asinine thing to do. I personally am offended by such things. You don't have to salute, or place your hand over your heart, but to outright disrespect (kneeling at a sporting event) ignores our Nations National anthem, and says to me XXXXXXXXXX. I say get the f out of my country. I am done with the NFL, NBA, and if that asshole in Oakland causes a virus in MLB I'll be done with that too. I am not literally done with those other 2 sports, but physically as well. I will never again spend one AMERICAN red cent on one of their cards. I will throw in the trash where they now belong any that I have or come my way for whatever reason other than the John Elway Super Collection. I will find something else to do with those. Something that will have a serious affect and effect to a worthy cause, unlike those idiots disrespecting me and every other veteran out there.  I hope and pray that MLB does NOT allow anymore crap like what Maxwell pulled. That would really suck. Now for some GREAT baseball cards, and yes the Elway Blog will die on the vine.

I decided to put a dent in the Braves team sets.

so what better way than to add some vintage.

I hope you enjoy the vintage cards.


  1. Tremendous cards.

    I fully support free speech, but don't think calling attention to yourself at the national anthem the best way to go about it. If you want to do something for your cause, I've always felt doing it anonymously the best way to go, or at least that's what I was taught and that's what I try to do.

  2. >>>My injuries were for freedom, but NOT the freedom to disrespect the flag!<<<

    So, then, not actually for freedom.

    1. Not freedom to do anything you damn well want too! That idiotic thinking is in line with the freedom to commit murder, think before commenting.

    2. Hmmm protesting the anthem more like murder, or more like free expression? Are you KIDDING me?

      Go live in North Korea or some place like that which treats protesting as akin to murder. You clearly don't believe in American values.

    3. Protesting the Flag is an insult to all americans, you go live in NK.

  3. No NBA player has sat for the anthem, since 1996 when Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf did-the NBA now prohibits it. And the Warriors were never actually invited to the White House- Trump is outright lying when he says he pulled the invitation- it was never actually offered. You can't take away something that never existed in the first place. The media has decided to cover that up, for some reason.

    1. I'm pretty sure Trump only pulled the invite (which is traditional) just to Curry. I agree the media makes things worse.

  4. Thank you for your service, John.

    You and I do not agree about this topic, but it doesn't change the respect I have for you.

    In my heart I do not believe that kneeling is a show of disrespect for the military or for the flag. But you are offended and I understand and respect that feeling.

    Protests are protected by the Constitution, which in turn has been defended, bled for and died for by men and women both in the military in wartime, and by citizens who demanded the rights promised within that document.

    We have freedom in this country not because we deserve it, but because people who are willing to be hated, beaten in the streets, killed in war or killed in hate have taken action to be heard and seen.

    I want you to know that I support your decision. Despite our disagreement on this topic, I hope you can continue to enjoy the hobby in whatever way you feel is appropriate.

    1. Thank you Brian, people can disagree and get along, that is one of the things that makes America GREAT. What does protesting the Flag accomplish? More divisiveness. The Flag and our Anthem should be held to the highest as both represent the constitution, it is what soldiers are defending and should be treated that way. As Billy stated above the NBA has prohibited it and I shouldn't be so hard on the NBA, but what Seth has caused (other players) to do is wrong, don't slam the President, if you don't like him protest him via an election, that is how that should be done, he (Seth) had his chance and is now acting like a "bad sport" the next 3 years are just going to be just like they are. I honestly don't believe that protesting in itself has ever really made this country better, just creates more divisiveness. I support and believe in that right, but there has to be rules to such things, yes rules. And some things have to be off limits. Our flag and Anthem should be off limits. Again, thanks Brian. I've got a couple of PWE's in the works. Sorry, no NFL or NBA, lol.

    2. Protests do not sign bills into law, but it was protest in Boston against taxation by the British government that incited a movement towards independence. They weren't protesting tea, even though they threw tea into the harbor.

      The current protests are not against the flag or the anthem. They are not asking that we stop signing the song or flying the stars and stripes. The current protest is complicated by the fact that players are not all protesting for the same reason. Kaepernick kneeled and sat last year in response to a long history of what he deemed to be a disproportionate response from police to the African American community. Not just in the current time, but for decades leading up to the present day. This past weekend, players kneeled or locked arms to protest the President's implication that dissent was akin to treason, and that free speech was reserved for topics, times, and places of his choosing. Some continued to protest against the treatment of citizens by law enforcement, others were protesting in solidarity with their teammates, in support of their teammates' constitutional right to show dissent. None to my knowledge have said they want a new anthem or a new flag (if I am wrong about that, please let me know).

      I think it is important to state clearly that to me, just as the lunch counter sit-ins of the 1960s were not protesting lunch, these knees are not being taken against the flag in as much as they are being taken in support of what the flag is supposed to protect and what the flag represents.

      To be offended and bothered by the protests is not an unidentended consequence - it is supposed to be a radical and visible act of defiance.

      This is the land of the free and the home of the brave because we have fought for the right to make each other angry and still co-exist.

      Again I feel you have every right to be angry and I will support your right to your opinion on the protests.

    3. I had typed a huge reply back, and my laptop went black. We'll have to save that for another day. LOL.

      real quick though, the dumping of the tea was in protest of the tea tax, along with the other taxes. so yeah it was against the tea (tax) and what it represented just as the flag represents all veterans service and to all Americans which it also represents.

    4. I appreciate the civil discourse on this subject, I know you are pissed about the whole thing, so I am glad we're able to discuss the issue this way.

      I don't think we can convince each other to feel any different about it, so I don't want to think I am trying to change your mind.

      When I listen to the anthem at sporting events , I stand and face the flag with my right hand over my heart. If I wore a cap to the game, I place that over my heart as well.

      I don't sing along anymore (to save my neighbors' ears), but I use that time for private reflection on all the things that I am thankful to have as an American citizen.

      One of those things for which I am thankful is that where I am and how I am interacting with the anthem is my choice.

      When I watched the coverage of the games on Sunday I saw a great deal of silent reflection on the faces of the men, in all versions of attention. I like to think that moment of reflection is the power of the anthem and transcends any personal choice whether standing or kneeling.

      We both agree that the flag and the anthem are symbolic of the freedom we enjoy, which you and so many others have risked life and limb to uphold.

      For those who chose to protest, the symbol was not enough. Their personal experiences and those of their colleagues communicated a different level of freedom. It will not be enough if freedom is only reserved for some and not all.

      The forum for this protest is offensive to you, and I understand why, though I would not presume to know what you have been through.

      I don't know if there is another place where a football player could protest for equal treatment and be sure to be seen by as many people.

      So I would not sit during the anthem, I understand why these men have chosen to. It is all too easy to avoid confronting the issues of this protest if the when and where is restricted only to places that are comfortable or respectful to all.

    5. I think those athletes would be better heard/served if they used their dollars, and save their words/actions of discontent for their local elected officials. ie: they need to speak with them. I have spoken to mine several times, and it isn't a problem for them to reach out to their representatives and senators, those who do write bills and cause change, without them no change can happen.

    6. I agree with you there John, the elected officials are the people in the best position to change laws and regulations. The more people that are aware of what their representatives are doing, the better.

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    1. Thank you Matt, The only thanks I ask is that people respect the flag.