Thursday, September 21, 2017

Lookie what I found

A couple of weeks back (before the storms) we were going through one of the hundreds of boxes/bins my Uncle's "stuff" is stored in. I had recently set up one of his dvd players and was going through a bin of dvd's.

Low and behold I spied something oddly familiar.

Mint condition 1972 Kellogg's baby, oh yeah.  Now if only the other 53 were in that bin, hey I can dream.

I also found the following in my mailbox back in Florida last week.

These "double-sided" 4x6 photo cards came via Mark Hoyle.

I have no idea what they are from, but I like them. Thank you Mark (what are they?).

The back side photos.

Just before I those awful storms I had received a trade package from Matt at Bubbas Bangin Batch of Baseball Bits.   Blog for Matt

Absolute beauties, this is what regular A&G should look like, love them, thanks Matt.


  1. 1983 Topps foldouts. They come in booklets. I bought a set and cut them up


  2. Yeah, Ginter X is where it's at. Gorgeous cards!

  3. Love that Marichal, and the Ginter X's look especially sharp this year.

  4. Oh man... how often do you come across an unopened pack of 1972 Kellogg's? That's sweet. runforekelloggs (I'll leave a link to his blog down below) is actually building a complete set of 1972 Kellogg's unopened packs and needs a Marichal. I realize that you opened the pack already, but I figured I'd share his blog. He's written some really cool posts on Kellogg's oddballs.