Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Alive and well on Wacky Wednesday

Survived the storm, just got power back in GA, no power still at my house in FL or at my daughter house in Ft Myers, also with no damage at either. Truly blessed, will be travelling for the next week or so to check the houses out, etc.. Not sure when I'll be posting again.

UPDATE: I've been told I have power at home in FL. I'm going to try to head down tomorrow night, but there are complications with that...... I-75 may shut down due to the Sante Fe river flooding and has risen to record levels today. It is 156 miles from here to my house, the detour if I-75 closes is 200-300 miles "additional" NUTS, but I hope it is clear when my sister get here tomorrow and when I get to that spot (the half way point). The normal alternate routes have already been shut down. Cross your fingers for me! and here's some cards to look at.

Okay, so they're stickers.

and their puzzle backs.



  1. Congrats, great to hear you dodged the damage. Take care!

  2. Happy to see that you're safe!

  3. Great news, glad the power's on in at least one place!

  4. Man, the south has been hit really hard this year. Glad you're okay!

  5. Yahoo. Lots of power outage stories from the folks I know down there.

  6. Glad to know you're safe. Wish you and your loved ones the best.