Monday, April 17, 2017


I got two trades in the mailbox today.

The first one was a PWE from Steve over at COLLATING CARDS.

Sometimes, when you are a team collector, you have to collect guys you can't stand. DJ is one of those guys for me. My least favorite Brave of all time. hey that would make a cool bat/blog around....
Who is your least favorite "team" player? And why?

Now here are 2 of my favorites. Thanks Steve, hope your Post cards made it today as well.

Next up has to be the largest padded/bubble mailer I've ever received.

This batch came from Brian over at HSCA.  Brian hit my vintage Braves team needs (and I didn't even know I needed it, thanks.

Brian hit my Cup binder too.

Brian sent along a few Braves too. I haven't checked them against my lists yet, so I scanned some up I wasn't sure about.

I know I ordered the GQ from JC, just don't remember if they are waiting on me in Ocala or in my cart. Rest assured I'll check that here shortly. I know I didn't have/order that Dansby insert, SWEET!

Some horizontal needs I'm sure.

A pair of variations. Or what used to be class differences.

Brian even remembered I have a Coca-Cola binder, which I will have to wait til I get back home to check to see if this were needs.

Brian even sent cards for my Elway Super Collection. Pretty sure I have the top two, but not positive about the bottom two.

And to end this post will be my favorite of the batch.

A Smoltzy auto.

Thanks Steve and Brian.


  1. nice batch of cards from Brian ! The auto looks like it's on a licensed card, I've never heard of those

    1. the card is the topps stadium club team issue, Treat was an aftermarket distributor mainly dealing with repacks.

  2. My least favorite player from my team? That's easy: Sammy Sosa, hands down. He makes me feel like even the little success the Cubs had in the late 90s was completely fraudulent.