Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Not so much baseball????

Okay so the Braves are 1-5, that's what is great at the beginning of a season right? After all, they are only 2 games back.

Anyways, time to show some cards, just not so much baseball cards. Although I did bring home 7500 baseball cards from the same card show on 4/8.

Vintage Robin Hood.

Some sweet 1966 Tarzan, my birth year.

Grabbed up 37 of these 1980 TCMA. See I said not so much baseball. Out of the 7500 cards take away these TCMA's and 5 or 6 dollar cards, and the rest were 2 bulk lots, one 3200 count box from one dealer and the rest from another except for 4 single card pick ups.

1964 Beatles, color.

Love the expressions on both of these cards.


And a flashback to my childhood days.

I grabbed up a bunch of these 2002 Post cards in that bulk buy. I didn't quite make a complete set, but I'm close and have lots of dupes.

I grabbed 29 of this 44 card set.

Apparently, the last several cards in the set are just famous people, LOL.

I will highlight the 4 singles and a couple of extras on Thursday, see ya.