Sunday, April 23, 2017

Shadow Shots

Another weekends worth of Shadows. I haven't posted in a couple of days, sorry about that. Family came down for a few days.

I could just say great shadow, but I see a TMNT with a bat in his hands.

That is a great shadow!

A fancy script lett A (sideways of course).

Do you remember those little green army men that came 100 in a bag from back in the day. I see one of those guys.....maybe one that laying in the prone position with his rifle. Or better yet, crawling with his weapon slung across the forearms.


  1. Great set of shadows! I saw an ostrich in the first card. Blair's shadow is one of the finest shadow shots ever! I definitely see the A in his shadow... which is perfect considering he's featured as an Athletic. I had trouble with House's shadow (possibly distracted by the Oakland Coliseum I grew up with in the background), but after you pointed out an army man... I saw that too.