Saturday, September 12, 2015

Shadow Shots

Think I am going back to the flea market today and see my buddy Bob. maybe we can start working on trading for that stack I put back last weekend.

It could be a flower bud, but it looks more like cartoon flower singing. LOL, okay i'm sick, I know it.

I have shown this one in the past. A Dragon!

I am surprised that a Super Star (his status when this shot was taken) would have ever let this get by. then again, maybe no one notices things like the cartoon baseball player in his groin.

I don't really see anything in this shadow, it just looks Whacked.



  1. That last one does look like Kermit. What flea market you go to? I think I'm gonna go to he Lakeland show next month plus Big Top next weekend.

    1. One of the ones here in Ocala, rather Marion county. Market of Marion. In fact I let my buddy Bob talk me into a booth (small card show) for the 2 Sat. in Oct, to get rid of the 50,000 dupes I got with the 106K card pick up in July. I put them in 5K count boxes, 8 nickel boxes, 2 dime boxes, and 1 quarter box.